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School Data

Numbers of Teachers:                                                 199
                    Teacher I                      123
                    Teacher II                        12
                    Teacher III                       42
                    Master Teacher I            16
                    Master Teacher II             6

Head Teachers                                                                 8
Non-Teaching Personnel                                                18
Secondary School Principal IV                                       1

             The school caters to students from all walks of life and almost all are from rural and urban barangays of Cagayan de Oro City.
             As of June 2003, enrolment data as follows:

     Year Level                       No. of Sections                      Population
First Year                                          34                                          2071
Second Year                                    30                                          1761
Third Year                                         27                                          1752
Fourth Year                                       22                                          1443

TOTAL                                             113                                         7027          


Department Heads:                      Mrs. Vicenta B. Apepe (English)
                                                        Mr. Miguel B. Virtudazo (AP)
                                                        Mrs. Alicia J. Abao (MAPEH)
                                                        Mr. Jose J. Alonsabe (Science)
                                                        Mrs. Olga C. Alonsabe (OIC, EP)
                                                        Mrs. Virginia A. Buana (Math)
                                                        Mrs. Rhodora L. Gallares (Filipino)
                                                        Mr. Sinforoso R. Montil Jr. (TLE)

General PTA President:                Mr. Rogelio "Jigs" Jaraula
Alumni Association President:     Kgd. Jose Pepe P. Abbu
SBO President:                              Rene Alonsabe Ogatis (Batch 2003-2004)

1.     Adelfo S. Abne                          10.   Danilo L. Fernandez
2.     Erwin L. Abragan                       11.   Ernessa M. Hambre
3.     Eden Gloria G. Adajar               12.   Jessica M. Kaamiño
4.     Pedro L. Agbu, Jr.                      13.   Edgar G. Magallanes   
5.     Aida C. Amanse                         14.   Silverio M. Paclar
6.     Eduardo K. Amper                     15.   Camilo P. Salido
7.     Irma A. Baguio                            16.   Nonelito L. Ubarco
8.     Grace E. Daculiat                       17.   Melchor F. Visaya
9.     Eleuteria C. Dael                        18.   Althaea C. Barrameda